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Fine art has always been about taking time to express one things at a time, and that's the way I approach my work, from drawings to paintings to wearables and interior spaces. I studied drawing and figurative art in art school (VCA, Melbourne, 2001) then psychology and global communication, and I was always fascinated with the human presence. Nothing in the world can compare or replicate the way you make me feel. And that feeling, that vibrational, sensational energy, expressed in a work of art, whether it's a painting, a drawing or a silk gown can also never be replicated. Its line work is the flow of that moment, the planetary alignment and everything in the universe being present in that one moment. The color between the lines is it's energy, and sometimes the lack there of. And the base color, my dear, is the color of your essence.

There are as many combinations of theses elements as there are stars in the sky, and each one is unique. You can acquire a ready made artwork that you love or commission a piece for yourself. However you choose, remember that you are the star and the galaxy and I want you to feel the beauty of your existence.

- xo,  Zuz


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